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Digital Jobs for Africa :

Business Incubation Management

Our Mission

Increase access to high-quality education for everyone, everywhere
Enhance teaching and learning on campus and online
Advance teaching and learning through research

Our Story

Co-Founded by AfriLabs and LoftyInc in 2016, mvlp is a virtual learning platform offering high-quality business incubation management courses from seasoned professionals to innovation hub managers and staff in Africa. The pilot business incubation management courses are based on a curriculum developed by infodev and localized to the African context. Courses on the mvlp is free to over 40 Afrilabs member hubs in Africa. With backing from Microsoft and Microsoft4Afrika, the mvlp is undoubtedly positioned to revolutionize the practice of business incubation management through its extensively rich trainings.

You, Our Learning Community

Our students come from every innovation hub in Africa! The business incubation management program is designed to bridge the technical gaps of hub manager and their staff.

Our Difference

The mvlp prides on the pool of local practical knowledge of “what works” in the African setting considering social-economic landscape which is quite similar across the continent.

*mvlp is free to all AfriLabs member hubs